Making Medicines Better – Enabling Treatments That Otherwise Would Not Be Possible

Midatech is fully focussed on enhancing and extending the lives of patients with rare and serious cancers. We have built an organization distinguished by world-class scientists with a talent for developing and applying our novel drug delivery technologies to improve existing, or develop new, treatments for these diseases. Our driving  philosophy is to seize scientific and clinical opportunities and invest in programmes and partnerships to get these treatments to approval and commercialisation.

Midatech Pharma is focused on the research and development of medicines for rare cancers, via both in house programmes as well as partnered programmes.  We develop improved chemo~therapeutics or new immuno~therapeutics, using our proprietary platform drug delivery technologies.

  • Q-Sphera™ platform: our disruptive polymer microsphere technology is used for sustained release at the microscale to prolong and control the release of therapeutics over an extended period of time from weeks to months.
  • Midasolve platform: our innovative nanosaccharide technology is used to dissolve drugs at the nanoscale so that they can be administered in liquid form directly and locally into tumours
  • Midacore™ platform: our leading edge gold nanoparticle technology is used for targeting sites of disease at the nanoscale ie i. chemotherapy - improved and targeted delivery of existing chemotherapeutic agents to tumour sites, as well as ii. immunotherapy - enhanced uptake of new immuno-moieties by immune cells that can then mount an immune attack against cancer cells

All our technologies are thus focussed on improved bio-delivery and bio-distribution of medicines or agents to areas of the body where they are needed and can exert their actions in an effective, safe and precise manner.

In this way Midatech’s objective is to address lethal diseases that otherwise may not be possible, or very difficult.

Our blueprint for success in the years ahead is inspired by developing and advancing our treatments and platform technologies, via in house programmes as well as in collaboration with partners, that will make a difference for patients and  healthcare workers, and create value for payers, and our shareholders.